KJ Kabza - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Regular-Type

"Delightful." —Locus Online

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Her Echo

"Her Echo"
November 2015

600 words, fantasy

"Brilliantly done." —Sam Tomaino at SFRevu
"Just fine." —Steve Fahnestalk at Amazing Stories
"This fable works perfectly." —Lois Tilton at Locus Online

Steady on Her Feet

"Road Test"
Daily Science Fiction
August 2015

300 words, science fiction

Rowling in the Year 3000

"Rowling in the Year 3000"
Fantastic Stories of the Imagination
April 2015

1,100 words, fantasy

Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future Contest, 4th Quarter 2010

Reprinted from IN PIECES

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