now out: HEART OF BRASS AND OTHER FANTASIES, an erotic fantasy collection


Hot(ish) on the heels of my January 2023 release of THROUGH SPACES comes my next fiction collection, HEART OF BRASS AND OTHER FANTASIES, a short n' sweet(-slash-spicy) collection of speculative erotica and dirty limericks. "Since when does KJ write erotica?" you may well wonder.

Well, I don't, not anymore. But I used to, at the start of my career, when I flung all kinds of genres at the wall to see what stuck. By the time I decided that erotica (specifically, fantasy erotica) wasn't for me, I had already sold a few stories in that arena.

These stories don't really work with my other collections and how I've branded myself these days (though originally, I reprinted them in older editions of my first two fiction collections, IN PIECES and UNDER STARS), and I had long been thinking of pulling them out (along with some dirty limericks I had published in UNDER STARS) and putting them in a separate collection someday.

The tipping point came while putting together THROUGH SPACES. I had finally gotten the rights back to "Heart of Brass" and had to decide whether to continue to make the mistake of putting yet another sexy but ill-fitting story into yet another collection or just bite the bullet and bundle together all my erotica in one place already. The latter option seemed the better idea, especially when I remembered that I could sweeten(-slash-spicen?) the pot by throwing in an erotic retelling of a fairy tale that I had written many years ago but had never published anywhere.

And now here we are, with HEART OF BRASS AND OTHER FANTASIES to admire. Should you wish to do so, the experience can be yours for just a couple bucks—and because I've retired from writing erotica, this experience will be one of a kind. Enjoy!