kj.kabza.com: now with increased fanciness

The new kj.kabza.com

Welcome to the new kj.kabza.com, which (for all two of you keeping track) is now on its third design iteration. Leaving behind Version 1 (ancient, hand-coded html/css) and Version 2 (a bizarrely cobbled-together mass of spiteful and malfunctioning WordPress plugins), our gorgeous Version 3 has a back end that makes the ghost of Pythagoras weep at its simplicity and beauty.

For you, the reader, Version 3 contains other ooo-yes features such as:

  • A pleasant overall design by a professional web designer
  • Text that's easily legible on all devices
  • All broken links repaired
  • All known Buy links for a given work
  • Excerpts from every short fiction collection
  • All illustrations and covers associated with each story

Do you, too, desire a website as delightful as this one? I recommend the services of Tim Gavlick. Hit him up for a quote.