Paperback bonanza: all-print everything

Paperback versions of my books IN PIECES, UNDER STARS, THROUGH SPACES, and HEART OF BRASS AND OTHER FANTASIES. These are the author proof copies, but still. Aren't they handsome?

All my books are now in print

Get ready to turn purple and pass out from excitement, because have I got a bombshell for you: all of my short story collections—including (and especially!) the ones previously only available as ebooks—are now out in paperback via Amazon.

Buy them here!

Cool! How much are they?

$13.99 for each omnibus collection and $7.99 for HEART OF BRASS AND OTHER FANTASIES. (But if you read this post well after May 30, 2023, the price may have changed.)

Which one should I buy?

That's a tough one. Each book has its singular qualities, as follows, so it all depends on what you're looking for.

Do you like variety, popularity, novelty, or The Sexy One? Or do you like several? Or dare you like... ALL? There is no wrong answer.

Can I buy your books from someplace that isn't Amazon?

Not right now, I'm afraid, though that may change in the future. (Amazon charges authors more for broader print distribution options, and if I pick a distribution option that isn't exclusive to Amazon, that pushes the minimum prices of the books higher. And I'm not sure if folks will want to pay $17.99 for a paperback, even if that paperback is almost 500 pages.)

In the meantime, if you don't have an Amazon account, keep in mind that you do have a birthday, and perhaps someone in your life who does have an Amazon account is hoping that you'll tell them exactly what to buy you for such an occasion.

What took you so long to make print versions of these?

A few factors were at play.

(1) Anything in self-publishing involves a learning curve, and for a long time I was prioritizing the drafting and selling of new fiction, rather than exploring options for the fiction I'd already sold.

(2) I took a long creative hiatus over the pandemic, and doing work that was related to writing fiction but not quite actually writing fiction itself, e.g. making print versions of my ebooks, felt like a good way to ease back into things.

(3) As I've mentioned elsewhere, the original versions of my first two ebooks contained some erotica, and I wanted to take that out and put it in its own separate collection before creating paperback versions that duplicated this editorial choice. Which meant an ebook overhaul before I even began item #1, which rendered the prospect even more daunting.

Did you yourself turn purple and pass out from excitement at any point in this process?

At one point while typing this post, I did hold my breath and bounce in my seat while clenching my fists and hammering my arms up and down. Does that count?

Will you sign my books?

I would love to! There is, of course, the issue of getting spacetime to scrunch up in such a way that I and my books (and you) are in the same physical place at the same time, which maybe isn't in the cards for us anytime soon. But it might be in the cards later.

Should I leave a review on Amazon?

If you are so moved! The ebook versions of my books have a wider distribution, so you can also leave reviews anywhere the ebook versions are sold. You are also welcome to discuss my work anywhere in The Great Out There where conversations, arguments, blog posts, or critiques about art are had. Goodreads review? Reddit thread? Sweaty-palmed recommendation to a stranger on the bus? It's all good.