now out: THROUGH SPACES (short fiction omnibus vol. 3)

THROUGH SPACES is now available!

THROUGH SPACES, my third short fiction omnibus collection--102,000 words of fantasy, science fiction, story notes, and a bonus section of poetry about the furry fandom--is now available at Amazon, Smashwords, and many other places. (Be astounded! Be tempted! Be clicking the "add to cart" button!)

This one's been many years in the making. I de-prioritized my short fiction for a while to work on some novels, and then I took some time to recover from a stubborn physical injury, and then the global pandemic and some associated fallout plunged me into a Pretty Bad Time (as it did for many, many others everywhere). With all these combined pressures, I wound up putting my writing on a back burner that was so far back, it was basically a solar-powered hot plate sitting in a field outside the opposite wall of the kitchen that my, uh, creativity-stove is located in. Or something.

In any event: this collection is long overdue, and I'm thrilled to finally launch it into the world and onto your screens. Enjoy!